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In South Korea, North Face Jackets Tied To Wave Of Bullying, Theft

On a recent weekday after school, four boys window-shopped, with three of them wearing black North Face jackets. "My parents were overwhelmed when I first brought it up," Bang Min-wook, 14, said about buying the jacket. "But I kept asking, and they finally gave in.

The Jong remains the same: North Korea said expect no change - and they were right! - as new leader follows in his father's footsteps... and jacket

Strike a pose: Kim Jong Un, in a picture released today, and his late father Kim Jong Il showing the family wave North Korean buffet: Kim Jong Un surveys the mess hall of the Korean People's Army Unit 169 during a military base visit today Familiar territory: An undated photo shows Kim Jong Il in a similar pose, dispassionately surveying the mess hall of a military base during one of his frequent inspections But North Korean watchers who have been bemused by pictures of Kim Jong Il's endless round of humourless inspections can expect more of the same... much more. A series of pictures released today, showing Kim Jong Un inspecting Unit 169 of the Korean People's Army, had an eerie resemblance to his father's numerous military visits. There were shots of Kim Jong Un toko jaket jepang online keren surrounded by feverishly applauding army officers, Kim Jong Un staring down at a feast of food in the mess hall, and Kim Jong Un in khaki combat jacket, black slacks and smart dress shoes.

Chanel's black jacket captured by Lagerfeld

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wore the jacket as a headpiece, while model Poppy Delevingne exudes femininity by wearing the black jacket over a gown with ballet shoes. Japanese actress Yu Aoi wore a Japanese kimono belt with the black jacket, creating a mix of Chanels classic and Japanese tradition. A photo of Kirsten Owen grabs attention as she is the only one in a little white jacket. Roitfeld also stood in front of the camera, wearing the black jacket with layers of pearl necklaces.

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