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Jet-setting With No Safety Net

International hotels and hostels regularly supply wi-fi, often free for guests. Photo: Bloomberg A smartphone is also handy to tap into the web on the go and even access many of the services only a computer used to provide. A Skype call direct from a mobile phone is much more convenient than speaking to a computer screen. I discovered the warranty was only good while in Australia; I would need to take it back for repair. A basic prepaid Nokia was the solution.

Tim Stevens is the nicest guy in tech

Same for another Brooklyn-based project, Sinkane, who played in a cleared-out teahouse that same afternoon. On record Ahmed Gallab's music is an exciting balance of African folk, psych, disco but all of that compelling dynamic was lost in the otherwise pretty space near the East River. This is an epidemic at CMJ: a lot of the music you hear is going to be encapsulated by a shit venue, and shit venues make shit sounds and good bands don't sound good swimming in shit. Simple, right?

Things Learned At CMJ New York

Quiet, thoughtful and almost shy among a cast of blowhards and rascals, he appears to be a different kind of editor. And he is changing Engadget. If Stevens has his way, he'll write the bildungsroman for the online technology press, and his site will become more than a blog. That would put Engadget and Stevens at the forefront of professionalizing an industry badly in need of jual jaket jepang sobriety. If the technology press is to be saved from its own blase meanness, Stevens may be its best hope. He started with his new competitor.

Hoppin' Frog - BORIS VanWinkle

There was also a lack of merchandise from more cutting-edge bands available. A few members of the independent music and art scene noticed the problem and decided to open stores to sell local bands CDs and T-shirts, as well as merchandise from overseas bands. By the mid-90s, these early distros had begun to gain momentum, and many created their own brands of clothing, most of which took the name of the store. There were, among others, Cynical MD in South Jakarta and 347 in Bandung.

Weekends On Distro Avenue

Click to expand... The biggest problem with Hoppin Frog for trading is that they distribute pretty well all around the East Coast, so nobody out there is dying to get their hands on BORIS in the same way they are Heady or Pliny because it's pretty easy to get for a lot of people. I talk up BORIS all the time though. Not many breweries have an Oatmeal Stout on that level.

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