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The Best Leather Jackets For Life

Leather jacket by Etro, $2,765, Etro New York, (212) 317-9096 J.Crew's Turner jacket is technically modeled after the moto look, but since it's the one that the British Military wore during WWII, we're counting as a work jacket anyway. Because even if you get to ride a motorcycle to and from the trenches, war is still work. Leather jacket ($1,100) by J.Crew, jcrew.com The Banded-Collar Leather jackets with high, banded collars might bring dad to mind, but, hey, it's what you make of it. The simple construction and elegant shape is extremely versatile as in, getting along with your wardrobe's multiple personalities.

Leather jackets

The style of the leather jacket has morphed into a more fitted version for women and a more j-fleece tailored version for men. More Photos View all 7 photos Glendale, and most Southern California weather doesn't often require much protection from the cold. Hence, the leather jacket serves more as a fashion accessory than a necessity. For this reason, styles vary depending on current trends. Although those experiencing winter in New York would not likely step outside in a cropped leather jacket, So-Cal folk can pair this cropped, edgy style with a party dress and head out for a night on the town. Other styles include zip ups, overlapping versions, belted styles and the hooded style, which includes an attached hoodie. The great thing about leather jackets is that they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and your mood.

My Leather Jacket Obsession Might Be Out Of Control -- You Tell Me

This is okay, right? Tell me it is, please. Theyre just such easy wardrobe additions and give even the simplest look an edge that pulls the entire look together. Here's a jacket I have named -- my jackets have nicknames -- Amelia Earhart, because of its pilot vibe. It came with a fur collar that I lost ages ago, but I like the flattering silhouette and earthy color. I definitely veer toward black pieces whenever possible (as most New Yorkers do), but this grabbed my attention and I couldnt resist. I picked it up during one of my Loehmanns binges years ago -- another habit for which I have my stylish mother to thank! Despite the already solid selection I can choose from on a daily basis, I regularly see new leather jackets that send me into a sartorial tizzy.

Your Complete Guide to Buying Leather Jackets [Infographic]

If you wish to look classy and stylish and want to boast your distinctive style statement at workplace or at a night club, use the information shared below to pick the perfect leather jacket for yourself. Different Types of Leather Used For Making Leather Jackets Leather jackets are made using special type of leather. The most commonly used leather is the cowhide. This type of leather is tough, durable, and is resistant to water and dirt. Motorcycle leather jackets are made using cowhide leather due to the unique properties that it possesses.

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