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Finished The Aran Doll Sweater

Meet Polly in her new Aran sweater. The sweater came out better than I hoped. Once I put the buttons on and buttoned them, the sweater stretched just enough to fit the doll perfectly. I have to stop referring to her as the doll, but I have been resisting calling her Emma, the name from Springfield, the manufacturer.

22 days = 1 sweater

O 22 days = 1 sweater I did it. I knit an entire sweater in three weeks. It required some 10 hour knitting days, but I did it. And I want to show you all, because it's beautiful and I am very proud. But the kinja editor is not showing me any way to post pictures anymore! So, please blame kinja. EDIT: Aha!

How to turn yesterday?s coffee-stained sweater into today?s favourite throw pillow

Dig out the cashmere cardigan with the snag on the sleeve or your cable-knit pullover with the stain on the front it might not be wearable, but it could make for a cute cushion. Turn the sweater inside out and lay it on a flat work surface lining up the front and back panels. If you have a hole or mark on the torso of the sweater, look at how you can disguise it with the placement of your beli jaket cuts or by creating an envelope fold, as shown here. (I hid the stain under the flap on the front of this pillow.) Slide your pillow form in the bottom of the sweater, lining it up against the seam on the left and flush against the bottom hems. Pinch the front and back of the sweater together along the right side, pulling the sweater snugly around the form.

The Holiday Sweater That Keeps On Giving

After careful deliberation by judges Mae Grant, Brice Smallwood, and Harry Mank, the Ugly Sweater Contest honorees were: Scott Michaud, first prize; Joan Vargas, second prize; and Karen Godfrey, third prize. Steve Hiller, owner of South End Grocery, said: We really enjoyed partnering with Belinda Landre and Commander Darry Leavitt of the American Legion to put on this great event. It was a fun way to ring in the Holiday season and raise funds for the Pope Memorial Humane Society at the same time. It was a wonderful party, and the creativity of the Ugly Sweater contestants was inspiring! We are very grateful for this special Holiday gift from South End Grocery, the American Legion, and everyone who took part, added PMHSKC Board President Richard Procopio. The PMHSKC was founded in 1989 to provide care, protection, and loving homes for abandoned and homeless companion animals in the Midcoast Maine area. The Society operates an animal shelter located between the Dexter Street Extension and Buttermilk Lane in Thomaston that is open between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

South End Grocery?s ?Ugly Christmas Sweater? Event Raises $6,600 for Pope Memorial Humane Society

Everyone from Michael Jackson to Paul McCartney has used the intricate designs and doldrum-busting colors to zap his winter look to life. And right now the sweaters are being made by high-fashion houses, brand-new brands, and Old Navy. So find one that fits your frame and your wallet and wear it over jeans or layer it in with your tweed or flannel suit. It's a totally reindeer-free holiday sweater that won't make you look like Santa's little helperand will stay in your rotation through March. From top: French Connection $128 | J.Crew $118 | Old Navy $40 | Banana Republic $99 | Dsquared2 $590 Tommy Hilfiger $149 | Polo Ralph Lauren $265 Photo: Carlton Davis

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